Think of your mobile view as a condensed summary of desktop. 

A. Expand the content tree to the left

B. Select the visibility icon beside the elements you’d like to show or hide. 

Hide elements as needed

All page elements should sit inside the blue page guides. Anything outside is highlighted in red.

Layout Assistant helps you get inside the bounds fast.

Good Job!

A. Navigate to Page Properties 

B. Under Layout Assistant, click “Entire Page”. Or select a page section, and apply to a section at a time.

Let’s publish (don’t worry it will only be visible to you). 

A. Click ‘Save’, 

B. Navigate back to the Page Overview screen 

C. Click Publish


Improve your writingTake a course

Improve your writing craft, whether you’re a new writer or just need a refresher on plot, dialogue, character, or other elements of fiction writing. 

Take a concise, free email course packed with writing tips and examples relevant to the challenges you have now. Or enroll in a structured, coached course and use workbooks, assignments and personal feedback from your tutor to enrich and refine your storytelling.

You want to learn: What are the options?

1. Start now: Take a short, free email course

Discover ideas and solutions for elements of writing craft, five days at a time. Get tips, examples and short exercises matching your interests delivered to your inbox over the next 5 days.

What do you want to learn?

Beginning your Novel: Writing a Great First Chapter

Writing a First Draft: Organizing your Process

How to Plot a Novel: Plot, Subplot, Arc

Characterization 101: Writing Believable Characters

2. Enroll in a structured, intensive writing course

Focus on an element of craft you find challenging and get practical feedback on assignments you can apply. Get workbooks containing practical exercises and course videos, and discuss your goals in private course groups. You work at your own pace and keep access to course materials for life.

Choose your course:

How to Write Dialogue

Kickstart your Novel


Meet some of your instructors:

Bridget McNulty
Alyssa Hollingsworth

Author, writing coach and course tutor

Now Novel Co-founder, writing coach and course tutor

Alyssa holds an MA with honours in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa university. She is represented by Amber Caraveo at Skylark Literary and her novel The Eleventh Trade will be published in 2018 by Macmillan (US) and HotKey (UK).

Besides coaching aspiring authors, Bridget has worked as an editor, features writer (for major publications from Cosmopolitan to National Geographic Traveller) and blogger. Her novel Strange Nervous Laughter was published by Struik (SA) and Macmillan (US).

Our core team of writing coaches are made up of Bridget and Alyssa, and they will give feedback on your course assignments. Learn more about them below:


When do the courses start?

Our courses start all the time. Sign up at any time and you’ll be placed into the next starting date. Or drop us a line at help at now novel dot com with the course you want to join and we'll let you know.

Do I have to be online at specific times?

No. You’ll work at your own pace, to your own schedule. You'll know when assignments are due upfront from the course outline.

An online novel writing course that's tailor-made to get you to actually write that book you've been thinking about.

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3. Start the brainstorming and writing process

Learn how to create a blueprint for your story by doing. Complete a series of prompts and questions that will help you find and distill your story’s central idea and develop your novel’s settings, characters, plot and themes.

When you’re not working on your blueprint, read members’ critique submissions, or chat to them about the writing journey in the groups section. Giving constructive feedback to others will help you learn how to solve your own creative challenges and refine your craft.


Writing Gripping Stories: Pace, Tension, Action

Writing Vivid Setting: Mastering 'Place'

Creating New Worlds

Write Better Dialogue: Crafting Conversations

What Karen O. says about the process:

'So many times I have started a novel only to fizzle out after 10 - 20,000 words. Now however, I am at the point where the end of my first draft is in sight. I am so much more motivated than ever before. Bridget’s insightful articles, and my brilliant, endlessly patient and encouraging mentor, have quite honestly, changed my whole approach to writing.'

How to Write Real Characters


How to Write Real Characters