Develop your novel with motivation and focus

Often it's not starting a book that's the hard part - it's staying focused and motivated until you finish. Or tying all the pieces together.

What Karen O. says about working with her coach:

'I am so much more motivated than ever before. Bridget’s insightful articles, and my brilliant, endlessly patient and encouraging mentor, have quite honestly, changed my whole approach to writing.'



Get further in your novel with a guide

Keeping to your writing goals takes focus and motivation. Collaborate with a coach who will help you:

  • Develop your ideas and/or outlines
  • Meet your personal writing goals and deadlines
  • Discuss your creative challenges and solve them
  • Make focused progress to your final draft
Alyssa Hollingsworth

Author, writing coach and course tutor

Perhaps structuring your writing process or finding a productive outlining and drafting approach is your biggest challenge. Don’t let your first 10, 000 words languish in a drawer. Enroll in ‘Kickstart Your Novel in 6 Weeks’, a course that will guide you as you:

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Now Novel Co-founder, writing coach and course tutor

Alyssa holds an MA with honours in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa university. She is represented by Amber Caraveo at Skylark Literary and her novel The Eleventh Trade will be published in 2018 by Macmillan (US) and HotKey (UK).

"An online novel writing course that's tailor-made to get you to actually write that book you've been thinking about."

Besides coaching aspiring authors, Bridget has worked as an editor, features writer (for major publications from Cosmopolitan to National Geographic Traveller) and blogger. Her novel Strange Nervous Laughter was published by Struik (SA) and Macmillan (US).

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Kickstart your novel and finish your first three chapters

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  • Workshop your outline, write your three chapters and synopsis, and set up processes that will help you persevere
  • Get help on the common challenges aspiring authors face at this stage of novel development as well as personalized feedback and support
  • Decide your book's overarching direction

Stay motivated and keep going with the help of a writing coach - a sounding board who will help you finish your novel.

Here are our four options to help you develop what you already have:

Coached Novelist

Choose this if you're a novice novelist and want general guidance, feedback, and help developing a writing plan. 

Choose this if you want detailed read-throughs and feedback as well as (optional) bi-weekly Skype-calls with your coach.

Mentored Author

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Meet some of your coaches:

Bridget McNulty

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Refine your ideas and optimise your writing process

Distill the essential parts of your your story (plot, character, settings, themes) and keep track of your ideas as you flesh your story out. In addition to working with a coach, start:

  • Creating a blueprint you can revisit whenever you need to restore focus 
  • Unlocking more of the potential in your story's Central Idea
  • Structuring and organizing ideas for your story
  • Brainstorming details of plot, character, setting and theme
  • Getting constructive feedback in online writing groups on your ideas
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